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Overview: We Bring Lawsuits Against the Largest Companies in the World 

American corporate culture has ceaselessly moved away from the idea that a company is owned by its shareholders. This same culture has moved away from the notion that corporate decisions are governed by the rights of the shareholders. Shareholders are often viewed in corporate boardrooms as little more than an instrumentality to raise capital. Small shareholders are derisively referred to as “dogs and cats” by many corporate executives (at least behind closed doors). After great scandals, bankruptcies of the once mighty, thousands of lawsuits and billions of investor dollars lost, the corporate culture is beginning to crack. In addition congress has passed new laws designed to help uncover fraud at the highest corporate levels. 


Shareholders Awaken

With portfolios wiped out or diminished, their company on the front page of the Wall Street Journal Small for any number of issues from excessive executive compensation, understating earnings, questionable buybacks, insider sweetheart deals in mergers, inflated stock values due to faulty projections, American shareholders are no longer under the illusion that corporate America exists to protect their interests. 

The Shareholder Rights Center brings together a new talented team of securities lawyers who are calling corporations to account on a wide range of issues. We routinely bring: 
-Securities Class Actions and related Opt Out Lawsuits on behalf of investors who lost money.

-Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits, on behalf of stockholders who deem management to be negligent in their duties.

-Books and Records Demands under Delaware Law which offers shareholders the right to examine company documents and raise questions.

- SEC & Corporate Fraud Whistleblower Disclosures and Lawsuits. 

Our law firm speaks to shareholders every day about our ongoing investigations and lawsuits against American companies that have broken the law, abused shareholders financial interests or deceived investors. We also represent people under Powerful new laws as part of Dodd Frank that enable corporate whistleblowers to come forward with information about fraud in their company. 

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