Answers to questions commonly posed to us about Shareholder Lawsuits. Learn about your rights as a shareholder here.


Question: I lost money investing in a US publicly traded company, if there is a class action how do I join?

Short Answer:  Call us. In many cases you will be opted into the class action whether you know it or not.

Long Answer: Very soon after the reported event that led to the stock drop, securities lawyers will file a class action. Under Federal Laws designed to reduce the number of lawsuits, law firms will usually seek to represent an entity that lost the most amount money. However, our attorneys will often represent many investors inside or outside of the class action under different legal theories. 

Question: Can I opt out of the class action?

Answer: Yes, we represent shareholders in opt out actions and believe they often lead to better recoveries. However whether we can represent you will depend on a number of factors including the amount of money you lost, and overall the strength of the case. 

Question: The CEO of my company is being accused of using company assets for his/her personal gain, is there anything a shareholder can do?

Answer: Yes, we will file a “Books and Records Demand” to establish the facts, and follow it up with a derivative lawsuit if needed to correct the problem and recoup the money for shareholders.

Question: I held my company’s stock in my retirement plan, I heard about a class action, can I still sue?

Answer: Yes, but you may have an even stronger claim under laws designed to protect retirement plans. Call us to see if your retirement plan is governed by strong laws such as ERISA. 

Question: I own stock in a company that is being bought, merged or taken private. What are my rights?

Answer: A shareholder of any amount of the stock before and during the process may assert rights or bring a lawsuit to question the deal. According to studies about 50% of deals involve shareholder abuse. 

Question: I work at a company that I know behind closed doors is committing fraud (accounting, sales, records, FCPA or SOX violations) that is going to harm shareholders. Can you help?

Answer: Yes we represent whistleblowers under powerful laws designed to protect and reward individuals with inside knowledge of corporate misbehavior. Your identity is protected and you could be eligible for millions of dollars in reward money. 

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